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* English Page *

Worldwide “MADE IN ITALY” Promotion

The mission of A.C. BOOMERANG is to develop economic co-operation   between Italian enterprises and economic operators interested   in the World, so as USA, European Countries, in the Newly Independent States and in some Asian Countries such as China, This aim is pursued through the provision   of a wide range of specialised and integrated services , such   as:

– Information on: relevant legislation in the countries of   interest, financial institutions and instruments promoting   investment   and trade in these countries, market and investment opportunities;

– Consulting: assistance   in carrying out investment and market operations;
– Training   aimed at: improving managerial skills, promoting entrepreneurship, strengthening specialist skills of   SME counsellors and trainers,   developing capacities of public officials;

– Technical   Assistance in various areas (see below);

– Organisation of meetings,   seminars, conferences, study tours.

A.C. BOOMERANG main Areas of Expertise are the following:
– Project Organisation   and Management
– SME Development
– Enterprise Creation
– Internationalisation of SMEs
– Investment Promotion
– Trade Promotion
– Enterprise Restructuring and Privatisation
– Business Planning
– Feasibility Studies
– Institution Building
– Local Development
– EU Structural Funds
– Management Training
– Information related to EU matters
– EU Accession policies and   instruments
– Information and Communication Services time.

A.C. Boomerang provides services related   to the strategic evaluation and the operational support to the   international trade and industrial co-operation. These services are supplied both in Italy and in the foreign countries of interest   for Italian companies. In addition, this Area assists its Clients   in accessing national and European financing tools for SMEs internationalisation.

The main services provided by the Assistance and Consultancy Area   include, therefore:
– Business Diagnosis, i.e. assessment of the company   needs
– Identification of potential financing sources, both national   and European
– Assistance in the preparation of the requests   for financial contributions and throughout the whole process,   until the   final financial reporting
– Support in the design and implementation   of projects and investment operations
– Partner Search
– Organisation of fact-finding missions in the   foreign countries of interest
– Legal, fiscal and commercial advice
– Market analyses
– Business planning
– Feasibility studies.

DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS AREA designs, organises and manages pilot projects and horizontal   initiatives for the promotion of trans-national   industrial and economic co-operation and training actions , both   for national and foreign beneficiaries. Such projects can be financed   by national aid programmes or by the European Commission in the   framework of various programmes (Phare, Tacis, Cards, Interreg,   etc.).

A.C. BOOMERANG Network consists of private professionals and/or private/public   operators working in various fields of the economy and the administration   of their countries, linked to international matters. They are   able to provide assistance for the implementation of co-operation   projects on site, supplying companies and institutions with administrative,   fiscal, legal and operative support.

A.C. BOOMERANG network of foreign consultants presently covers several Countries in U.S.A. Central and Eastern Europe, NIS, China

A.C. BOOMERANG can also rely on a Partner Office in Rome-Milan-Florence-Cosenza/Italy, New York /USA – Bruxelles/EU – Tianjin-Shanghai/China – Chisinau-Ungheni/Moldova – Cyprus